Did you know? Masonic Philately

Sir George Cathcart No. 617



First President of U.S.A.








Term of office:- April 30th.1789 - March 3rd. 1797.

First Lady :- Martha Dandridge Custis.

Vice President :- John Adams.


To his countrymen and to most historians George Washington seems to have been created for the great tasks entrusted to him. In 1789 he was given the executive leadership of a new nation that was embarking on an unprecedented democratic experiment. In his time as chief executive Washington both set many precedents and endowed the presidency with dignity and respect.


Bro. George was a member of Lodge Fredericksburg No. 4 Virginia.


Initiated :- Nov. 4th. 1752

Passed :-  Mar. 3rd. 1753

Raised :-  Aug.  4th. 1753


He was elected Master of Lodge Alexandria No. 22 (later changed to Washington Alexandria No. 22 in honour of its first Master) on Dec. 20th. 1788.


George was inaugurated President of the U.S.A. on Apr. 20th. 1789 thus becoming the first and so far only brother to be simultaneously President and Master of his Lodge.


He helped lay the Cornerstone of the Capitol Building Washington D.C. with Masonic Ceremonies wearing the Masonic Apron presented to him by General Lafayette.




Stamps Issued:- U.S.A. 1902      S.G.  307