Did you know? Masonic Philately

Sir George Cathcart No. 617

James Buchanan (1798 - 1868)


Fifteenth President of U. S.A.






Term  of  Office:-  March   4th. 1857-  March  3rd. 1861

First Lady:- None.

Vice President :-  John C Breckenridge.


James Buchanan enjoyed a distinguished career as a diplomat before becoming President

Once in office, he was unable to prevent regionalism and the politics of slavery from bringing the Union to a crisis point

By the time he left office in 1861 several Southern States had seceded, and the Civil War was about to begin.

He was born near Mercersburg~ Pennsylvania, the second of 11 children, He studied law and graduated from Dickinson College, and then started his own law practice.


Brother James was a member of Lodge No. 43, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Initiated:-Dec. 11th. 1816.

Passed:-   Jan. 24th. 1817.

Raised:-   Jan. 24th. 1817.


He  became  Junior  Warden on Dec. 13, 1820 and W.M. on Mar. 12,1825;

Elected a Life Member in 1858.

Appointed First District Deputy Grand Master of the Grand

Lodge of Pennsylvania on Dec. 27, 1823

Exalted in the Chapter of Lodge No.43 on May 20, 1826.



Stamps Issued :- U.S.A. 1938 S.G. 816.

                          U.S.A. 1956 S.G. 1083. shows his home “Wheatlands”