Did you know? Masonic Philately

Sir George Cathcart No. 617

 (Johann Chrysostom) Wolfgang Amadeus  Mozart


Austrian Composer and Performer.



He showed astonishing precocity as a child and was an adult virtuoso. He was trained by his father, Leopold Mozart (1719–1787). From an early age he composed prolifically, his works including 27 piano concertos, 23 string quartets, 35 violin sonatas, and 41 symphonies including the E flat K543, G minor K550, and C major K551 (‘Jupiter’) symphonies, all composed 1788. His operas include Idomeneo 1780, Entführung aus dem Serail/The Abduction from the Seraglio 1782, Le Nozze di Figaro/The Marriage of Figaro 1786, Don Giovanni 1787, Così fan tutte/Thus Do All Women 1790, and Die Zauberflöte/The Magic Flute 1791. Together with Haydn, Mozart's music marks the height of the Classical age in its purity of melody and form.

Probably of more interest to Masons are his compositions for Masonic Meetings:-

“Masons Joy”, “Odes for Opening and Closing a Lodge”, the “Freemasons Little Cantata” and Masonic Funeral Music.

He also composed a song called “The Fellowcrafts Journey” especially for the occasion of his father being passed to the Second Degree.


Mozart's career began when, with his sister, Maria Anna, he was taken on a number of tours 1762–79, visiting Vienna, the Rhineland, Holland, Paris, London, and Italy. He had already begun to compose. In 1772 he was appointed master of the archbishop of Salzburg's court band but he found the post uncongenial and in 1781 was suddenly dismissed. He married Constanze Weber 1782, settled in Vienna, and embarked on a punishing freelance career as concert pianist, composer, and teacher that brought lasting fame but only intermittent financial security. His Requiem, unfinished at his death, was completed by a pupil.


Bro. Wolfgang was a member of Lodge Zur Wohltatigkeit (charity)

He was initiated 14th Dec 1784.

And  at  the  request  of  his  Mother  Lodge  he  received his  second  degree  on  Jan.  7th.  1785,  in  Lodge  Zur  Wahren  Eintracht (true  harmony)  both  being  in  Vienna.


Stamps Issued:- Too Many to List I have shown one from Mongolia.