Did you know? Masonic Philately

Sir George Cathcart No. 617

James Monroe (1758 -1831)


Fifth President of U.S.A.








Term of Office :- March 4th. 1817 - March 7th. 1825.

First Lady :- Elizabeth Kortright

Vice President :- Daniel D. Tompkins.



James was the last of the dynasty of presidents who came from the state of Virginia. He had a remarkable political and diplomatic career that spanned more than forty years.


Foremost among his accomplishments were his participation in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 and his formulation and expression of the idea that European powers must stay out of both North and South America-- later to be called the Monroe Doctrine.




Brother James was a member of  Williamsburg Lodge No. 6 and Kilwinning No. 2 Port Royal. (now Kilwinning Crosse No.2-237 Bowling Green Virginia)




Stamps Issued :-  U.S.A.   1954    S.G. 1036

                                          1958    S.G. 1104.