Did you know? Masonic Philately

Sir George Cathcart No. 617

James Abram Garfield (1831 -1881)

Twentieth President of U.S.A.




Term of Office :- March 4th. 1881 - September 19th. 1881


First Lady :- Lucretia Rudolph


Vice President :- Chester A. Arthur



James Garfield held office only a short time, and his assassination brought to the fore problems that were festering in the U.S.-- the need for civil service reform and the bitter antagonisms within the Republican Party.

He had not been the favourite candidate, but the party had been split between two factions:- the"Half-Breeds" who favoured James Blaine, and the "Stalwarts" who favoured Ulysses Grant. It was only after 36 ballots that Garfield received the nomination!! Once in office Garfield promoted a number of "half-breeds" to the civil service thereby enraging the stalwart support. On July 2nd. 1881 one of these supporters, Charles Giuteau shot the president twice. Seventeen days later he died from the wounds received.


Bro. James was a member of Magnolia Lodge No. 20. Columbus Ohio

Initiated:- Nov. 19th. 1861

Passed :- Dec. 23rd. 1861

Raised :- Owing to Civil War duties he did not receive his third degree until Nov. 22nd.1864 in Columbus Lodge No. 30


He affiliated to Garretsville Lodge No.246 on Oct. 10th. 1866 and served as their Chaplian in 1868/69

Bro. James then became a charter member of Pentalpha Lodge No.23 of Washington D.C. on May 4th. 1869, in fact the records show that he was one of the petitioners for the lodge charter.

Exalted in Columbus Royal Arch Chapter 1866 and Knight Templar in 1866.

14th Degree Scottish Rite 1872.


Stamps Issued :-  Turks and Caicos  S.G. 960