Did you know? Masonic Philately

Sir George Cathcart No. 617

Gerald Rudolph Ford (1913 -2006)


Thirty -Eighth President of U.S.A.



Term of Office: - Aug. 9th. 1974 - Jan. 20th. 1977.


First Lady: - Elizabeth Bloomer Warren


Vice President: - Nelson A. Rockefeller.


Gerald Ford seemed ideally suited to be a member of the House of Representatives, but a series of unforeseeable circumstances brought him to the highest office. His legacy is one of repair; he re-stored dignity and importance to the presidency at a time when its prestige had fallen low.


Bro. Ford was a member of Malta Lodge No. 465 Grand Rapids Michigan.

Initiated: - Sept. 30th. 1949.

Passed: -   Apr.  20th. 1951.

Raised :-   May 18th.  1951. note the f.c. degree and the m.m. degree were conferred by Columbia Lodge No3. Washington D.C. as a courtesy to Malta Lodge.


It is interesting to note that Bro. Gerry was initiated at the same time as his three half-brothers and their father Bro. Gerald senior had the pleasure of presenting all four with their lambskin aprons.


He was made a Sovereign Grand Inspector General 33degrees and Honourary Member, Supreme Council on Sept. 26th. 1962.

Brother and President Ford was elected an active member of the International Supreme

Council, Order of Demolay and its Honourary Grand Master in Apr. 1996 and held this post until Jan. 1997.


Stamps Issued: - U.S.A.