Did you know? Masonic Philately

Sir George Cathcart No. 617

Gustav  Streseman  (1878 – 1929)


German  Politician  and  Foreign  Secretary

Nobel Prize Winner



Stresemann was the son of Ernst Stresemann, a Berlin innkeeper and beer distributor.

He attended the universities of Berlin and Leipzig from 1897 to 1900, first studied literature and history but changed to economics, probably to improve his professional prospects rather than in recognition of his practical gifts. In 1900 he received his doctorate with a dissertation entitled "The Growth of the Berlin Bottled-Beer Industry." The subject of his study, based on his knowledge of his father's business and dealing with the decline of a sector of small business as a result of competition from giant industry, was characteristic of his origins as well as of his point of view. It was used against him in future political struggles by the right-wing opposition.


He  served  as  Chancellor  in  1923  and  Foreign  Minister  of  the  Weimar  Republic (1923,1924-29)

He  was  largely  responsible  for  restoring  Germanys  International  status  after  WW1.

With  French  Foreign  Minister  Aristide  Briand  he  was  awarded  the  Nobel  Peace  Prize  in  1926  for  his  policy  of  reconciliation  and  negotiation.


Brother  Gustav  was  a  member  of  Frederick  the  Great  Lodge  No 618  Berlin


He was  an  Honorary  Grand  Lodge  Officer  of   the  Grand  Lodge  of  the  Three  Globes.


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