Did you know? Masonic Philately

Sir George Cathcart No. 617

Joseph Rudyard Kipling. (1865–1936)

English writer.





Plain Tales from the Hills 1888, about Anglo-Indian society, contains the earliest of his masterly short stories. His books for children, including The Jungle Book 1894–95, Just So Stories 1902, Puck of Pook's Hill 1906, and the picaresque novel Kim 1901, reveal his imaginative identification with the exotic. Poems such as ‘Danny Deever’, ‘Gunga Din’, and ‘If–’ express an empathy with common experience, which contributed to his great popularity, together with a vivid sense of ‘Englishness’ (sometimes denigrated as a kind of jingoist imperialism). His work is increasingly valued for its complex characterisation and subtle moral viewpoints. Nobel Prize for Literature 1907.


Born in Bombay, Kipling was educated at the United Services College at Westward which have the widest appeal of all Kipling's tales. Back in England, he produced another classic for children in the {Just So Stories}, examples of invented folklore that have hardly been surpassed.

In 1926 he was awarded the gold medal of the Royal Society of Literature; he received many other honours, including associate membership of the French Académie des Sciences et Politiques, and was buried in Poets' Corner, Westminster Abbey.


Bro.  Rudyard  was  a  member  of  Hope  and  Perseverance  Lodge  No.782  Lahore,  India.


Initiated:-  in  1885.(by  special  dispensation  as  he  was  only  20  years  old)

He  states  in  "Something  of  Myself"  "I  was  entered  by  a  Hindu,  passed  by  a  Mohammedan  and  raised  by  an  Englishman"

He  received  his  Mark  Degree  in  Mark  Lodge  Fidelity  No.98  in  Lahore  in  1887.

Honorary  Member  of  Cannongate Kilwinning Lodge  No.2Edinburgh in  1900

Later  Honorary  Member  of  the  Motherland  Lodge  No.3861  London  in  1918.

He  was  a  founder  member  of  the  lodge  attached  to  the  War  Graves  Commission  and  it  was  at  his  suggestion  that  it  was  named  The  Builders  of  the  Silent  City.


Stamp  Issued:-    Antigua & Barbuda1995 S.G. No. 2236