Did you know? Masonic Philately

Sir George Cathcart No. 617

Donald  Campbell  (1921-1967)

Land  and  Water  Speed  Record  Holder.






He trained as an engineer and shared his fathers interest in racing. Like his father he was  one of the three men to have held the land and water speed records simultaneously.


He set the land speed record of 403.14 mph  on Lake Eyre salt flats, Australia in 1964.  Between 1955 and 1964 he broke the water speed record seven times, going from

202.32  mph. on Lake Ullswater to 276.279 on Lake Dumbleyung in Australia on 31st.  December  1964.


On the 4th. January 1967 he made his last, and fatal attempt on Coniston Water when his  boat was wrecked on the return run. On the first run he achieved a speed of 280mph.




Brother Donald was a member of Grand Masters Lodge No1 London


Initiated: -  16th. Feb. 1953.


Passed:-                April 1953


Raised:-                May 1953


He was exalted in Grand Masters Chapter 16th July in 1954.




Stamps Issued:-  Great  Britain 1998  S.G.2063 

   Great  Britain 2009  S.G.2977