Did you know? Masonic Philately

Sir George Cathcart No. 617

150th Anniversary of Belgium Freemasonry

Grand Orient of Belgium






The Belgian Postal Service recently issued a lOfr stamp marking the 150th Anniversary of Freemasonry in Belgium. The stamp was available in all post-offices on October 18, but was available in certain offices on October 16, where First Day Covers were cancelled.

The bulletin announcing the new stamp gives a brief history of the Craft in Belgium, stating that the Grande Orient de Belgium was established in 1833, and is the oldest jurisdiction or federation of Masonic Lodges in the kingdom. According to it, the articles of French Masonry, as stated, is a cosmopolitan and progressive institution, having for its purpose the search for truth and the perfection of humanity, built on liberty and tolerance.

The bulletin goes on to say that Masonry is a society of thought where each of the members brings his knowledge and experience to work for the intellectual and moral perfecting of its members. Its meetings are based on free expression of all opinions with respect for every sincere thought

It continues that the French Masons of the Great East of Belgium are attached to a double purpose - the first the approach to knowledge and the perfecting of one’s self, the second the building of a better and more just society. French Masonry, the bulletin states, tries to picture the ideal society, based on liberty equality and brotherhood.

Where can you find the tenets of Freemasonry more adequately described? The stamp depicts an initiate deprived of his worldly goods, surrounded by various symbols of Freemasonry.


This commemorative stamp was issued by Belgium

On October 18, 1982. S.G. No. 2713