Did you know? Masonic Philately

Sir George Cathcart No. 617

Oliver Hardy (1892–1957)


"Laurel and Hardy"







US film comedians. They were one of the most successful comedy teams in film history (Stan was slim, Oliver rotund). Their partnership began 1927, survived the transition from silent films to sound, and resulted in more than 200 short and feature-length films. Among these are Pack Up Your Troubles 1932, Our Relations 1936, and A Chump at Oxford 1940.


Laurel, a British-born former music-hall comedian, produced several of their feature films, notably Way Out West 1937.


Bro. "Olli" was a member of Solomon  Lodge No.20  Jacksonville  Florida.


Mr.  Laurel  was  not  a  mason although his father, George Gordon Jefferson, manager of the Metropole Theatre in Glasgow was a member of Lodge Dramatic No. 571


Stamps Issued:-   Gambia  1988.  S.G.  No.  814.                         

                             U.S.A.   1991.  S.G.  No.  2605.