Did you know? Masonic Philately

Sir George Cathcart No. 617

Cecil B.  DeMille.  (1881–1959)


US Film Director and Producer









Born Cecil Blount DeMille in Ashfield, Massachusetts and educated at the Pennsylvania Military College and  the American  Academy  of  Dramatic  Arts.


He entered films in 1913 with Jesse L Lasky (with whom he later established Paramount Pictures), and directed the first film made in Hollywood, The Squaw Man 1913


He specialized in lavish biblical epics, such as The Sign of the Cross 1932,

and The Ten Commandments 1923; remade 1956.

He also made the 1952 Academy-Award-winning The Greatest Show on Earth.


Bro. Cecil was a member of:-

Prince of Wales Lodge No16 New York City.

and Al Malakah  Shrine Temple.  Los Angeles


Stamps Issued:-  Guyana.  1993.  S.G.  No.  3558.