Did you know? Masonic Philately

Sir George Cathcart No. 617

David Wark  Griffith.  (1875–1948)

US Film Director.





He was an influential figure in the development of cinema as an art. He made hundreds of ‘one-reelers’ 1908–13, in which he pioneered the techniques of masking, fade-out, flashback, crosscut, close-up, and long shot. After much experimentation with photography and new techniques he directed The Birth of a Nation 1915, about the aftermath of the Civil War, later criticized as degrading to blacks.


His other films include the epic Intolerance 1916, Broken Blossoms 1919, Way Down East 1920, Orphans of the Storm 1921, and The Struggle 1931. He was a cofounder of United Artists 1919. He made two unsuccessful sound films and subsequently lived forgotten in Hollywood until his death.


Bro.  David  was  a  member  of  Lodge  St.  Cecile  No.568  new  York  City.


Initated:-  Nov.19th.  1912.

Passed:-   Jul.   29th.  1913.

and  after  a  long  absence  from  New  York.

Raised:-   Jul.19th.1921.


Stamps  Issued:-  U.S.A.  1975.  S.G.  No.  1561.