Did you know? Masonic Philately

Sir George Cathcart No. 617

Al  Jolson. (1886–1950)

Stage name of Asa Yoelson






Russian-born US singer and entertainer. Popular in Broadway theatre and vaudeville, he was chosen to star in the first talking picture, The Jazz Singer 1927.

As  a  child  he  sang  in  the  synagogue  where  his  father  was  a  cantor.

At  the  age  of  13  he  made  his  first  stage  appearance  in  Children  of  Ghetto

He  toured  in  vaudeville  with  a  company  known  as  Dockstaders  Minstrels;

minstrel- style  singing  in  blackface  make-up  became  Jolsons  trademark.

He  died  in  San  Frascisco  after  returning  from  entertaining  troops  in  Korea  and  Japan.



Bro.  Al  was  a  member  of  St.  Cecile  Lodge  No.586  New  York  City.


Raised:-  July.  1st.  1913.


Stamps  Issued:-  U.S.A.  1994  S.G.  No. 2930.

                            U.S.A.  1986   S.G.  No.  2222.