Did you know? Masonic Philately

Sir George Cathcart No. 617

Harry S. Truman (1884 - 1972)


Thirty-Third President of U.S.A.



Term of Office :-  Apr. 12th. 1945 - Jan. 20th. 1953.

First Lady ;- Elizabeth Virginia Wallace.

Vice President :- Alben W. Barkley.


In 1947 Harry S Truman, the son of Missouri farmers, announced that the United States would use its vast military and economic powers to help all non-communist peoples prevent the encroachment of communism into their countries.

Truman, the first nuclear-age president, was well prepared, by character and by experience, to back up this commitment - a commitment to which the U.S. would adhere to for the next 40 years.


Bro. Harry was a member of Belton Lodge No. 450 Grandview Missouri


Initated :- Feb. 9th.  1909

Passed :- Mar. 9th.  1909

Raised :- Mar. 18th. 1909


In 1911 several members of Belton Lodge separated to form Grandview Lodge No. 618 and Bro. Truman served as its first Worshipful Master.


He became the Ninety-seventh Grand Master of Masons of Missouri on Sept. 1940 and served until Oct. 1st. 1941.


Brother and President Truman was made a Sovereign and Grand Inspector General, 33 degrees and Honorary Member Supreme Council on Oct. 19th. 1945.


He was also elected an Honorary Grand Master of the International Supreme Council,

Order of Demolay.

On May 18th. 1959 he was presented with a fifty-year award, the only U.S. president to reach that golden anniversary in Freemasonry.

His funeral was the only Masonic Funeral service ever televised world-wide.


Stamps Issued :-  U.S.A.  Many